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The Gallery has undergone a massive change this past week and we are looking for your feedback. Everything seems OK on our end but we want your input on the following issues:

- We have a new layout! We want to know if there are any error messages appearing. Once or twice we saw a hotlinking image error that should not have been there!

- Does the site load at a reasonable pace?

- Is the functionality good? Can you navigate it? Can you see the text properly? Home is now linked to a news page, do you want it linked back to the gallery main page?

We have had to remove the screencaps due to space restrictions imposed by the host in January. However, those restrictions are removed as user views increase. So use the site, tell your friends and I’ll get the screencaps back. (Behind the Scenes Confidential screencaps remain in the Behind the Scenes Galleries and will be added to. I just have 7 years of Tom Baker pictures to get through first but I am trying to mix up the site additions)

This is a site run by fans, for fans so we really want your input. We want to be useful! I guess the biggest question is, do you like it?

Power of the Daleks (x)

9 and 6. They look the same the opposite way around? That is all I have for this post.

Last of the Time Lords: Behind the Scenes (X)

Last of the Time Lords: Behind the Scenes (X)

Where do I find these things? My Desktop is just Random who pics! (X)

Where do I find these things? My Desktop is just Random who pics! (X)

Goodbye Kate

Goodbye Kate

The Reign of Terror (x)

You wanna come with me? Cause if you do, then I should warn you. You’re gonna see all sorts of things – ghosts from the past, aliens from the future, the day the Earth died in a ball of flame. It won’t be quiet, it won’t be safe and it won’t be calm. But I tell you what it will be: the trip of a lifetime.

Relive Series One:

Behind the Scenes

Promotional Images


Cast Out and About

Nine Years since the Ninth Doctor!

The BBC officially celebrate with these beautiful pieces.

The Keys of Marinus (x)


Freema: 2007 (x)

The Eleventh Hour (x)

"What's the point of growing up if you can't be childish sometimes?"
—   The Fourth Doctor